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Wireless temperature measurement system, the most commonly used field of wireless temperature monitoring system

  The traditional temperature measurement method has a long period, complicated construction, low efficiency and inconvenient management, and requires a lot of manpower and physical inspection and re-laying of cables in the event of a fault. In particular occasions scattered monitoring points, the environment is closed or high voltage, a lot of temperature measurement methods can not be achieved.

  Wireless temperature measurement system, also known as wireless temperature monitoring system, set the advanced Xinli smart sensor network technology, wireless communication technology, low power consumption technology, anti-jamming technology and automation technology as one of the high-tech products, intelligent by the XL90 Gateway, XL62 intelligent measurement and control devices, XL66 intelligent converter, XL61 wireless temperature sensor, background monitoring and management system, can be a variety of adverse conditions under the conditions of equipment temperature changes on-site, remote online monitoring and early warning at the same time to facilitate the full and timely maintenance staff Master the equipment health.

  Wireless temperature measurement system with real-time online monitoring, poor working environment, easy installation, timely warning and other characteristics, can effectively ensure the safety of high-voltage electrical equipment, is currently widely used in the power industry, agriculture, high temperature and low temperature environment and other fields.

  Wireless temperature measurement system, wireless temperature monitoring system commonly used in four major areas

  Power Industry Application

  Operating electrical equipment is usually working in high voltage and high current conditions, some of the defects in the equipment will lead to abnormal temperature rise of equipment components. Excessive temperature may cause burning, explosion or even equipment damage or quality accident. Shenzhen Xin Li wireless temperature measurement system technology can be real-time monitoring switchgear and other electrical equipment failure point, you can effectively control the occurrence of electrical accidents.

  1, high voltage switchgear moving contacts, static contact, cable contact temperature monitoring;

  2, low voltage switchgear contacts, cable connectors and other temperature online monitoring;

  3, capacitors; circuit breakers, isolating switches and other temperature online monitoring;

  4, the electrical outlet box cable connector temperature monitoring;

  5, cable tunnel cable surface, cable connector, cable sandwich temperature monitoring;

  Agricultural applications

  Wine cellar, Qu room; coal heap; paper mills; food processing plants; livestock and poultry aquaculture; greenhouse vegetables, mushroom sheds

  High temperature applications

  Rotary kiln; steam boiler; rotational molding machine; gas, water supply, heating pipe trench and so on

  Low temperature applications

  Cold-chain systems, vaccines, biological agents and pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceutical industry, such as temperature-sensitive products, need to record and track the temperature parameters in each process during processing, storage, transportation and sales so as to ensure product quality.

  Cold chain system; freezers; cold storage, freezers and so on.