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Talking about the Development Demand of Wireless Temperature Measuring Industry Today

  With the rapid development of large units, large capacity and high voltage, the operating conditions are more harsh, the failure rate is gradually increased, the time for troubleshooting is longer and longer, resulting in more and more economic losses. The modern power industry is constantly changing in this respect . Wireless temperature measurement technology has also become a very important part of the power industry. Domestic and foreign electric power industry has made higher and higher requirements on the reliability of wireless temperature measurement power equipment operation, mainly to ensure the safety of power generation and power transmission and transformation systems. Therefore, the power temperature measurement on the running status of power equipment online monitoring, fault diagnosis and timely maintenance by people's attention. Wireless temperature measurement system has some characteristics: excellent insulation properties, without wire and cable, can be installed directly to the high voltage contacts to measure the temperature of its operation. Today, "God" market is our Chinese market, we have been committed to providing our customers with better and faster service, so that customers in each of China's first-tier cities are more convenient to buy wireless temperature measurement system at the same time enjoy a more comprehensive The technical support is our first short-term goal. My company's manufacturing capacity of norms and improve, with a wide range of product testing equipment, we follow the "enterprise's survival is the quality of the development of enterprises rely on innovation, business users of the same words and deeds is our service, product manufacturing technology Strict control of the process, to achieve the unity of wireless temperature and stability.

  China's traditional wireless temperature fault finding more use of zero-sequence current high-order (mainly to five) harmonic principle to achieve. However, since the harmonic components to be used by the device account for a relatively small proportion in the signal and it is difficult to separate and extract the harmonic interference of the simultaneous load, the device of the harmonic principle is wrongly judged in the actual operation. Through continuous research and development, updating, today's wireless temperature measurement has played a protective role in power supply safety and is an outstanding product in many power protection products. Now use of information technology tools, electrical workers greatly improve the work efficiency, for different occasions, the wireless temperature measurement system can play the greatest role, so that many industries to lift the unnecessary security risks, so that a lot of industry power security with Many safeguards The current stage, wireless temperature measurement R & D and production efforts are increasing, research and development products in the results of a breakthrough in the near future to the wireless temperature measurement industry to bring good news.

  The main structure of wireless temperature measuring device: wireless temperature sensor, wireless temperature display, background monitoring software composition, the other optional heaters, humidity sensors, alarms and other equipment to meet different customer needs.