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Warm congratulations to Hangzhou Super Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. website successfully launched!

Warm congratulations to Hangzhou Super Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. website successfully launched! Thank you Trueland Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on the site of our technical support, welcome new and old friends to visit the website.

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Necessity of Wireless Temperature Measurement of Power Equipment

Power plants, substation switchgear, bus connectors, outdoor knife switch and other important equipment. In the long-term operation, the contacts of the switch and the busbar connection and other parts due to aging lead to excessive contact resistance and fever, and the temperature of these hot parts is difficult to monitor, which eventually led to accidents.

"Analysis and Prevention" High Voltage Switchgear internal heat hidden!

PD line A-phase cable insulation weakness, may be the laying of the cable construction quality or maintenance of quality problems.

Talking about the Development Demand of Wireless Temperature Measuring Industry Today

With the rapid development of large units, large capacity and high voltage, the operating conditions are more harsh, the failure rate is gradually increased, the time for troubleshooting is longer and longer, resulting in more and more economic losses. The modern power industry is constantly changing in this respect . Wireless temperature measurement technology has also become a very important part of the power industry.

Wireless temperature measurement system, the most commonly used field of wireless temperature monitoring system

The traditional temperature measurement method has a long period, complicated construction, low efficiency and inconvenient management, and requires a lot of manpower and physical inspection and re-laying of cables in the event of a fault. In particular occasions scattered monitoring points, the environment is closed or high voltage, a lot of temperature measurement methods can not be achieved.

Development Prospects of Passive Wireless Temperature Measurement Technology

Power system is a large system composed of many power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution and electrical equipment connected to the failure of power equipment will not only cause unexpected power failure of the power supply system resulting in reduced economic efficiency of power companies, and may result in users Therefore, the reliability and operation status of these equipments directly determine the stability and safety of the whole power system, and also determine the economic benefits and power supply quality and reliability of power enterprises.

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